Writing a Personal Statement for a Marketing Degree

The marketing industry has endless opportunity and potential, but only the very best and brightest, highly motivated individuals will get their big break. While raw talent and the ability to identify rising trends will get you noticed, online marketing degree students have to sell themselves in their personal statements to be selected. The length of your personal statement is not important. Instead, it is what is contained within substantively that declares what you’re about, and showcases who you are as an individual as well as a brand that will set you apart. Spending plenty of time fine tuning your personal statement will aid you in being accepted to the college that you really want to go to, and give you a great start to your career.

Note Your Experience

It is perfectly alright if you don’t have a lot of job experience to draw upon, but you do want to highlight any and all marketing experience that you have that would be applicable. Internships, volunteer experiences, business ventures, school projects and even research all count as practical experience that you can document in detail within your personal statement for a marketing degree. Colleges expect aspiring marketing majors to have more than a waning interest in the industry, so include any and everything that you have experienced that has propelled your interest in the subject.

Explain Your Goals and Objective Clearly

Do you know what you want to do with your marketing degree once you have obtained it? You may already have you eye on couple of ideal companies that you would love to partner up with, or have plans to relocate to an area where the marketing industry is experiencing a boon. Write what your goals and dreams are, and explain how you believe you will attain them. Not only will this help to strengthen your personal statement, it will also show that you are fully confident in yourself.


Show That You Know Your Stuff

Marketing degree online students should be aware of what is going on within the industry, and there is no better way to show your expertise than with an attention grabbing personal statement. Let the entrance officers know that you intend on improving upon the knowledge that you have of marketing by showing that you already understand how the industry functions. By making bold, creative, well supported statements, you can prove that you take marketing seriously.

Add a Personal Touch

Your knowledge of marketing is just as important as your unique personality to colleges. Just as you will be presenting solid brand upon graduation with an online marketing degree, schools want to invest in students that are well rounded capable of selling a complete package. Your personal statement should show that you are professional, knowledgeable and have the ability to adapt in any situation.

Think of writing your personal statement for a marketing as practice for the various presentations you will be making to top brand and influencers in the industry in future years. While you should put your best effort forward, there is no need to write 25 versions of your personal statement. Just write it, revise it and submit it when you know that you have hit the right mark.

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