Tips for exams

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One of the biggest mistakes students is wait until a day before the test to begin studying. Then come to the assessment tired, irritated eyes from lack of sleep and very unlikely to get away with testing . Therefore it is very important to form the habit of studying every day.

Exam TipsIf you practice a method of study, you should not be afraid of any test.

Anyway, since the tests are as inevitable as death, you will find a few tips and suggestions to help you improve your skills to present:

  • So that your mind is to deliver maximum, sleep well the night before the test.
  • Get up early and arrive on time to school, sure your knowledge.
  • Do not think your memory will run at 100%. Therefore, do not despair if you forget something.
  • Make sure you understand perfectly the content of each question before attempting to answer. If in doubt read it again and if it still does not becomes clear-as long as the teacher is allowed- ask interpretation.
  • Plan the use of time during the examination. For this pre-read the entire exam and divide your time so you can finish it.
  • If you find a very difficult question, you’d better get the jump and follow with the others. Then come back and focus on answer.
  • Do not copy or give the impression that you’re using “accordions” or some other fraudulent instrument.
  • Focus on solving your test, not your friend.
  • Do not feel bad if others finish before you. Nor do you want to be the first to finish; the tests are not racing, so take your time to solve, check your answers and, if you can correct the mistakes that you made.
  • In the multiple choice test objectives never put the first thing that comes to mind. There are riddles. They are supposed to be made by specialists and only one of the options presented to you is correct.
  • Be sure to answer all questions. If you are unsure of an answer, and you see the need to guess, do it intelligently: Carefully read all the answers, dismisses that you know are not correct and choose among the rest.
  • Before handing over your test in, check. Make sure your answer sheet is clearly marked with dark pencil and erases any record for most.

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