Tips for being a good student


There are enough smart people who just need to study, and others for whom – it seems – that study is not your thing. But you probably have an average intelligence and good results are obtained with a proper motivation to facilitate the effort of study. Think what the reasons are that you have to study. The more valuable the better. Without a willingness to study, there is nothing to do … and why you have to study are decisive.

StudentI have no desire

It is something that happens to many people and that has to do with the changes that occur in adolescence. There are many other things that are more fun. But you are playing the future … in a few years you decide what you are going to be the rest of your life …

There are students who have repeated a grade with good marks … have changed, they have a reason. And you’ve got to listen to music, play sports, go with the friends … you have to have to study. And that is why you have to leave. The rewards and punishments can be effective, but ultimately not decisive. If you will, but we must exercise it

Technical Study

Have heard or what you have said, “This guy does not know how to study.” There are ways to learn how, many books, web pages, help from a teacher, your parents. But deep down, everything is common sense. A study learn studying yourself and see which are the systems that you are better. If you want to learn more, read on.

The basics

You need a place of quiet study, where everything is at hand, with a comfortable chair and enough light. And no music, no TV. Do not fool with music you can not study: you can draw, copy … but not memorize or concentrate. Do not get up every moment … perseveres seated at least 45 minutes. 5-10’y … then rest follows.

And also a schedule. Does not have to be rigid, it must be flexible but usually in secondary school is you spend half an hour to an hour for homework and three quarters or time to study. If between Monday and Friday you have not received 10-12 hours of study, the weekend must be recovered. And something else taking examinations. Leave, if you can, for the weekend tasks that take you more time: A sheet of drawing, a job for a subject.

It’s a shame that you spend your time doing as you study when your mind is far away. Stop daydreaming. Seize the time and then, you can do many other activities.

In the classroom… The notes

It’s silly to waste time in class. If you take advantage of that time, you have a lot in advance. If, for some reason, leaving you free time, study, task ahead.

The teacher can follow the book then take notes of what he says, of what they insist. If you give notes, stay tuned and notes on everything you can, with common sense. Stresses that to repeat, is what he considers basic.

One way or another, then you will have to review what you’ve written -not need it passes clean- but makes clear the subject so you understand, now and in a few months. If you’ve missed class or have incomplete note, take help of a mate.


In most subjects you will have to study, memorize the contents of the lessons. Do not try learning you do not understand something; why it is so important what I said in the previous point.

Each person has their own system for fixing in memory the lessons: read aloud, go over and try to repeat it several times without looking at the text … it is important that you consider you do not know an issue if you are not able to explain. And it is very convenient as you study each day, explained in class. So it will be easier, as you have “fresh” in memory and better learn a short text that face a lot of pages on arrival times of evaluations.


by teachers that the course is approved in September it is said. Not valid excuses when it comes will study and review is a huge mistake. If you study every day when the time of the exam only have to review and acquired knowledge, remember what you know. If you leave everything to the end, you end up with a head full of formulas, definitions, dates, etc … chaos.

The tests are of different types: each must be prepared differently. Auto considered works well.

Sleep well the night before the test, do not ever take any pills – you will pay dearly -. This prevents nervousness and fatigue. Nor is it good comment with colleagues just before starting the test: you’ll only convince you that you do not take well prepared and you’ll get even more nervous.

Read the questions carefully before starting to respond, even a small scheme even become mentally. If at all possible, first answer the easier questions and left to the end that you do not know well. This is especially important problems in mathematics, physics, translations … often spend all the time you have to make a problem and leave the rest blank.

Test the results, units, spelling. Do not rush to deliver: use all the time you have.

For science students… Problems

Although it is difficult to give a common rule, math, physics, chemistry tests include many problems from a need to find other data, using a formula or more.

First you have to choose the right formula, then you replace the variables with the values ​​you are given (units!) And you will be one or more unknowns to clear. Do it carefully and review the calculations: it is very likely that you ask the accurate results, and not simply the solution is well posed.

Nevertheless, I do not get good results

Cheer up, everything has a solution in this life! Think about what your faults are as a student, be steadfast, not get discouraged … the results are slow in coming, and the failure to gain experience serve, not to lament

Get advice from someone with experience, performs a test study skills and perfect your methods as a student.

You may have personal problems that prevent you from concentrating. Accept it and find a solution, but often is not easy. Try it when you touch off study. You play the future.

If you are all the time thinking about a girl, I’m pretty sure what he is like to not think so much and you study with profit, to offer something valuable, you feel proud of you.

And most important

There is a point of Camino, which states that “An hour of study is an hour of prayer”: This book has many points, an entire chapter devoted to the supernatural aspect of the study. You could really careful consideration.

It offers to God your work. You may find it helpful to have a crucifix or an image of the virgin before.

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