The Advantages of an Online Degree Program

A college education is the easiest way to get ahead in the job market. With so many candidates applying for every job, employers use education as a quick way of filtering out unsuitable candidates. It’s not foolproof, but it works if you have had 400 applications for an office administrator’s post and you don’t have time to interview every applicant.

If you have a degree, you will earn more and be more employable in your lifetime. Subject matter is largely irrelevant, although job-focused subjects such as a criminal justice degree is better than an art history or media studies degree. However, when all else fails, any degree will do since it demonstrates you are capable of a higher degree of learning. However, the question we are answering here is whether online study is better than traditional classroom based learning.  So let’s look at the facts, shall we?


Online Study is Now Mainstream

Online degree courses such as an online degree in criminology are becoming increasingly popular with students. Ten years ago, online courses are uncommon and universities offering online courses were not as reputable as well-known learning establishments such as Portland University or Harvard. Today, the situation is very different. You enroll at most state and Ivy League universities and choose between an online or offline degree course. There is no difference between the two except cost and flexibility. You can expect the same level of teaching, the same exams, and the same qualification at the end of your studies.

Employers Recognize the Merits of an Online Degree

Employers are increasingly aware of the merits of an online degree, so listing your online criminology degree on a resume won’t disadvantage you in any way.  If anything, an online degree shows you have more self-motivation and drive than another candidate, since you need bags of both to complete a flexible learning program where nobody is pushing you to complete assignments in a set amount of time.


One of the biggest advantages of studying for an online degree is that your course is more flexible than a traditional degree program. Instead of attending classes on set days, you can study from home, in your own time, and at your own pace. This makes an online degree perfect for students who need to work full-time to fund their degree program, which brings us to the next benefit of studying online.


Yes, you guessed it – online degree courses are usually much cheaper than regular degree courses. When a university offers an online degree, it has fewer overheads, so it can reduce the level of tuition fees accordingly. By opting to take your degree online, you can cut your costs and graduate from university with far less debt. Combined with the money you will save by living at home, you could even graduate debt-free!

There are many advantages to enrolling on an online degree program, but weigh up the pros and cons before you make your final decision.

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