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Why do I have to teach values ​​in addition to teaching math?

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It takes courage to teach values… In a post a while ago I talked about the importance of education in values ​​and explained the ​​that consider essential for education in the schools of the century. Today I intend to reflect on why, what and how to teach values.

Even today many teachers are fearful and hesitate to teach values, they feel that their only job is to educate students, that is, teaching contents of different subjects that make the curriculum: mathematics, physics, literature … They think values ​​education is the sole responsibility of families, which are part of the private sphere of individuals. Continue reading

Why should I change my teaching?

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Now that is about to begin a new school year is a good time for all people who are dedicated to educate us to consider whether we should change anything in the way we teach and why we should.

One of the unavoidable obligations of any educator is required to understand the mechanisms of functioning of the society in which we live and to be alert to new needs that arise constantly. Consequently, one of the things you should never do an educator is to remain anchored in the past, “he has always done so.” Continue reading