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Tips for being a good student

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There are enough smart people who just need to study, and others for whom – it seems – that study is not your thing. But you probably have an average intelligence and good results are obtained with a proper motivation to facilitate the effort of study. Think what the reasons are that you have to study. The more valuable the better. Without a willingness to study, there is nothing to do … and why you have to study are decisive. Continue reading

Preparing to Study Abroad? Travel without the Hassle

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Preparing to Study Abroad

When you dream about studying abroad, you’re probably thinking about sightseeing, delicious foreign cuisine and all the interesting people you’ll meet overseas. What probably won’t cross your mind are the logistical measures you’ll have to take before you even get on the plane. Preparing for a major overseas trip can be a drag, but it’s the sacrifice you make for having a stress-free and fulfilling experience. To get started on your plan early, read on for five tips that will have you ready to take off well before your departure date. Continue reading