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We are very unfair to school

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“Some of the most brilliant and creative people I know did not do well in school. Many of them found they could not get to do-and who were in reality until leaving school and passed the education they had received “Ken Robinson. Element.

It is true that, as stated Ken Robinson, many people have not been boosted their talents at school. But it is no less true that it does many others have done it. We all know great, creative and enthusiastic people who enjoyed success in school and in this institution found the motivation to fully develop their talents. Continue reading

Why we are not able to make the school’s curiosity of the students?

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One of the main problems of school education is that, because of the urgent need to meet an increasingly closed curriculum, offer students something that they have neither defendant nor have any interest in learning.

This is the cause for much of the effort and energy of teachers is lost in getting to motivate students and show them that what they learn is of any use to them. What it is not paradoxical because curiosity is one of the most defining characteristics of children and adolescents and the real engine of learning. What then is the problem? Why we are not able to make the school’s curiosity of the students? Continue reading

How to choose the school for our children

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It’s time to enroll our son to school, doubts assail us and we have a delicate and difficult task, since the educational offer is huge. In this note we offer a guide for what aspects to consider.

Choosing a College

It is difficult to know what is the appropriate institution for our children. The college search indicated leads to doubts and frustrations of not knowing whether we opt for the right place or not. Continue reading