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Learn to manage projects

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2020 will have been created 1.5 million jobs for Project Managers…

Discover the key skills required

In labor are key skills that enable professionals to positions of higher rank and pay, one is project management.

Just in the last month, a study published, over 4200 vacancies applying project management or project management among its requirements. This competition is not exclusive to a single workplace, companies in all sectors twists and trained personnel required for the planning, development and implementation of projects, budgeting and reporting results. Continue reading

Textbook, Tasks and Projects

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We are in full decision-making regarding the selection of textbooks. Is recurrent hear the same question: what publisher we take?

My answer is always the same and that the publishing house has to be in line with the requirements of the regulatory framework and, of course, the school plan in question.

In either case, the role of the publisher must be accompany the teachers in the performance of teaching, providing resources for both the design of their programs and for the development in the classroom. Continue reading