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Creativity in the classroom

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What is creativity? Is there a single definition?

Creativity involves the generation of new ideas, new concepts or associations. Doing things differently than usual, or simply show them from a different point of view, is already in many cases create something new. That is, it is not always necessary to invent something that does not exist. Continue reading

How to Develop Creativity

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Creative minds are born but also made. With simple exercises you can develop your creativity to apply to any area of ​​your life.

Tips to Develop Your Creativity

The creativity is part of humanity. There is an acquired tool: you bring with you from your birth. What really differentiates those “creative” of “non-creative” called, people’s level of development we are all creative in equal measure, only a few have managed to develop their potential better than others. Continue reading

How to Inspire Creativity with Technology of Provocation

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The technique seeks provocation think things differently, opening the mind to analyze situations from another point of view, and thus find creative solutions.

Provocation Technique to Develop Creativity

The creativity is a wild beast unlimited, however, often is imprisoned. We all are all creative, and we can all be more every day. You only need to train so that when released, we help find alternatives to solve problems or work on any topic forms. Continue reading