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2020 will have been created 1.5 million jobs for Project Managers…

Discover the key skills required

In labor are key skills that enable professionals to positions of higher rank and pay, one is project management.

Just in the last month, a study published, over 4200 vacancies applying project management or project management among its requirements. This competition is not exclusive to a single workplace, companies in all sectors twists and trained personnel required for the planning, development and implementation of projects, budgeting and reporting results.

EducationA qualified project manager also get better income. According to Project Management Salary Survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI), 71% of the certified project managers reported an increase in his salary the past 12 months.

PMI estimates that between 2010 and 2020 15.7 jobs related to project management worldwide in seven key industries will be created: Manufacturing, Business, Finance, Petrochemical Technology, Construction and Utilities.

9 Key skills for project management

Among the skills you must have a qualified Project Manager include:

  • Planning: They are able to draw strategic action plan, organize and assign tasks and monitor results.
  • Organization: They focus on raising productivity through effective organization.
  • Locating resources: Developing talent to find the resources you need and obtain the best cost.
  • Risk management: A project manager is prepared to take risks and calculated in its planning.
  • Budgeting: All project costs money, so it is crucial to manage it wisely.
  • Effective communication: Being an effective communicator lets you lead your team effectively, provide clear instructions and information in a timely manner.
  • Management teams: They have facility to motivate, lead, advise and inspire your team.
  • Conflict management: During the project implementation problems arise, the project manager is ready to confront and find solutions.
  • Negotiation skills: They invest time in understanding the needs of its customers and offer attractive alternatives.

How do you develop the most?

The Project Management Institute (PMI), organization of international prestige, has a standard for project management proven. It has developed the world-recognized certification that is given to people who demonstrate the knowledge and skills to manage projects.

The certification is aimed at managers, leaders, project managers and in general to professionals wanting to improve their skills and acquire new ones.

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