How to write an article in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that you can share your knowledge with the world, but for this you must respect certain conditions. Let’s look at the steps before posting.

Uploading content to Wikipedia

What would our investigations and search for material without Wikipedia. This online encyclopedia is completely free, constantly growing and available for the most varied languages. And the best of it is that there is a scientific compilation, but a conglomerate of articles written by people who want to share some information with the world.

EdcuationIf you also want to contribute your knowledge, these are the steps to write an article in Wikipedia , the largest online encyclopedia of our planet.

Wikipedia requirements for items

This open and free encyclopedia has certain rules and explanations given to putting all its users.

First, it clarifies the five bases or “pillars” of the creation or editing of articles, which are:

  • Keep your encyclopedic intention
  • Write texts from a neutral point of view
  • Offering free content without copyright
  • Edit or publish in a climate of collaboration and respect
  • Put first common sense

It also clarifies what the are quality standards that seeks to maintain the encyclopedia, this is not to be considered as “primary source” but a “reference source” where references and backs it includes verifying them before publishing or edit content.

To upload articles to Wikipedia, you must meet the pillars and quality standards as a first step, creating appropriate content, true, as you’d also like to find in the portal.

How to write a new article on Wikipedia

Importantly Wikipedia to publish new articles, or contribute by editing existing articles. The portal complete with all regulations and improve text editing tutorials are offered, and here we introduce how to publish your own content , vision and use of all.

You can write a requested content, one for red links or incorporate any you find useful. The simplest way is to use the wizard to create content editor available for basic and advanced levels. Having chosen the subject and confirmed that is not already published, please get to work.

Collect all your gear and make the text in an editor on your PC or on paper, to revise, improve or adapt more easily and at your own pace. Then ready material (divided with subtitles to give more order and attractive), open the portal and register as a user , imperative to publish or edit content condition.

Article Parties up

The text should consist of a title should clear that meets the requirements of Wikipedia. Then you must enter what they call “intro”, a brief summary of the highlights of the text.

Then, you must itemize sections and rank ordering information, chronological or thematic, depending on the subject.

Finally, includes links, references and recommendations, according to the designs of the portal. You can supplement your text with images and photographs, provided they are free copyright rights, or that you have uploaded prior to Wikipedia Commons, to free authoring.

Once complete the content, press the button “Show preview” to see how it is becoming, and correct any errors. I already checked the text, you can add a summary thereof, and finally click “Save page”, so that your article is published.

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