How to Write a Story

Imagination is the key ingredient to write a story, but we also know the parts that compose it and what elements can not miss. Here are some tips for writing a story.

How to Write a story

You can say that anyone who can write, can be the author of a story; however, how difficult is to carry out a story that is really good to dare not let shelved. The issue is not having a reputation for professional writer, what matters is to enjoy and be consistent.

EssayThe first thing to do is to know what a story.

According to the Academy, a story is a “fictional short story” ; begin by this point, as the key factor of this format is its short length.

How to find a topic to write a story

  • Considering that we have to write something that is not as long as a novel, we can initiate us to brainstorm. The “Muse” is not reserved only for the great creative, because nothing beats inspired by the everyday and then add imaginary components. If our day normally operates between elders, write something about them !. We assure you that will a good story , as all components are known.
  • Now that we know that we will write a story about the elderly, move on to the next step: the construction of the characters . Each and every one of the individuals who put in the history should play a role; for now, we can be involved in creating characters that are complementary, thinking about their tastes, habits, views, etc. We could have a shy sexagenarian who does not like leaving the asylum, and in contrast, describe an adventurous, cheerful and eager to live elderly woman. While he likes chocolate, she loves strawberries.
  • Now that we know what our story it is and who your stakeholders, think of the time that will be reported. Spending decide on topical or be a tale of the 70s.

Component parts of the story

The parts of a story are introduction, middle and end. Well, in the first part we present the environment and characters. The current conflicts, and from this point then arises, our fictional people begin to live their adversity and struggle to overcome them. Finally, we have the final solution, either sad or happy ending.

What position will the narrator?

Moreover, it is necessary to ask the kind of narrator . We can write in the third person as an omniscient narrator who knows everything that happens, including the feelings of the characters; or also written as an observer of what is happening, not knowing everything about everyone thoroughly.

Another option is to write the story in the second person , where the narrator is the protagonist or witness of what is happening. In other cases, it can be written in first person, where the writer tells himself the story.

Tips for writing a story

It is important that when we write demos unleash thoughts . It seems incredible but often our characters begin to do things we had not raised. For example, the old woman could steal a vehicle and encourage men to take a trip; the two go in pajamas and buy expensive clothes to look better.

When you begin your story, try to start with a phrase that captures the attention of your reader, so that it snaps onto your story and can not stop until the end.

At the time you finish your story , I set it aside and deescalation for a few hours before correcting . With a calm mind you can find errors or add details that you had not previously occurred. Once you consider that you are ready, give it to people whom you trust to give you an honest opinion; although very hard, accepts the criticism and corrects what you think needs to be changed.

To write a story well, you should read a lot. In the case of the stories, authors and styles to choose who you feel attracted and begins to nurture; However, do not forget the classics because they have much to teach.
Over time you’ll have your own way of narrating , do not rush. Take care of your spelling and grammar, but do not try to write with big words that neither you yourself know the meaning.

Many times you will be tempted to leave the story. Remember it is very common and, as stated earlier, keep the record, because you will feel much better when you see the results.

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