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Are Further Education Degrees Worth it?

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Further education degree programs, such as PhDs and Masters degrees are increasing in popularity. Many schools and online universities now offer a range of post graduate options. But with education becoming exceptionally expensive, not to mention the time you need to commit, are they actually worth it? What could you get from taking your studies further?

A Better CV

More people than ever are graduating from undergraduate courses, especially in some of the more popular subjects, such as business or computing. For every job you apply for, hundreds or possibly even thousands of others are in competition. A higher education degree could be what sets you apart. It not only shows you have an advanced knowledge, but also that you are fully committed to the industry you are looking to enter.

A Higher Paid Job

Some jobs will only consider those with a certain level of education. They may not even accept your application if you don’t meet these requirements. A degree of further education opens more doors to you from the very beginning of your career. Then as your career progresses, you will continue to find that your advanced education sets you apart. You’ll have more possible career options, and a much higher chance of promotions and pay rises. For example, studying an MBA degree could lead to many different MBA careers. MBA jobs are varied, from marketing to management. An undergraduate degree wouldn’t offer you the same options.


If you want to know your field and be a true expert in your industry, education and experience are essential. Completing a post graduate degree will allow you to feel confident in your own knowledge and abilities. You would be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions in even the most stressful situations. You could lead others, safe in the knowledge that you are prepared and have all the skills required.

Satisfy a Love of Learning

Some people don’t study purely to enhance their careers. They do it for themselves. You may have a love for learning, a need to know more and to further your understanding of a particular field. Often those who are retired, or parents, choose to study to occupy their minds, and give them a sense of purpose. It doesn’t all have to be about work and money.

Start Up on Your Own

You may have worked for a company for a long time, and have developed your own ideas on how things could be done. You may have some strong ideas as to what you would do differently. How you would run the company. So why not do it? A further education program such as an MBA would give you the skills and knowledge to be a successful business owner.

Whether you are a graduate, looking to get the best possible opportunities from the very start of your career, or someone who left education many years ago, now looking to either give your career a boost, or just learn something new, a program of higher education has many advantages. Why not sign up today?

Mathematics has changed the history of mankind 12 equations to prove it

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Math is all around us in our daily lives, from grocery shopping, for gas, use a GPS or place a rack on the wall. In 2013, the renowned mathematician and writer of popular books, Ian Stewart, published a book entitled “17 Equations That Changed the World”. In this article, we explain some of them and why they have been so important for the history of mankind. Continue reading

Learn to manage projects

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2020 will have been created 1.5 million jobs for Project Managers…

Discover the key skills required

In labor are key skills that enable professionals to positions of higher rank and pay, one is project management.

Just in the last month, a study published, over 4200 vacancies applying project management or project management among its requirements. This competition is not exclusive to a single workplace, companies in all sectors twists and trained personnel required for the planning, development and implementation of projects, budgeting and reporting results. Continue reading

The Chief Storytelling Officer or Corporate Writer

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Corporate Writer

If yours are the letters, we present a new profession with future, the Chief Storytelling Officer or Corporate Writer. It may not be as new as it seems, since the Nike signature and signed a CSO back in the nineties, but certainly now that is starting to proliferate among the big brands, so you better be prepared to be the first to take advantage This time job and have less competition, right? Continue reading

Stephanie Jimenez: “It makes no sense to force young people to swim upstream”

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Who dominates over networks, children and adolescents or adults?

In general, it is fairly widely believed that the younger ones, to the extent that they are why we have sold as “digital natives”, they feel better Internet in general and in particular networks. The paradigm of digital natives is difficult to prove and I believe has more to do with a comfortable and too often disseminated by the media idea with the reality of the skills that children and adolescents develop networks. The broads and, especially in certain age groups, widely used by social networks and communication technologies. But mostly, technical level and not make use of them than equivalent to that may or they do adults. Continue reading

Learn science in a fun way!

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Did you know that use fun and humor in the classroom improves understanding and retention of matter ? Do not? We explain! In a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, a good joke, a witty graphic illustration containing the concept worked, an entertaining video or a surprising experiment, they are tools that can help our students to remember more easily. Continue reading

10 films to work multiculturalism

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Multiculturalism is based on respect for others, tolerance towards the different and the recognition of the rights of others, and why it is so necessary! In an increasingly globalized society, but has not yet overcome some of the bad ideas that enhance the intolerance between races and cultures, it is imperative that this issue be dealt with in the classroom. Want some ideas for it? Continue reading

7 sets to stimulate memory

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Did you know that our minds also need to exercise regularly? Memory, learning capacity l, attention, concentration … they are all aspects that are developed through constant work. But how do we get the mind of the smaller work without being boring and tedious? Very simple! There is no better fitness for your restless neurons found both educational and fun activities. Continue reading