7 sets to stimulate memory

Did you know that our minds also need to exercise regularly? Memory, learning capacity l, attention, concentration … they are all aspects that are developed through constant work. But how do we get the mind of the smaller work without being boring and tedious? Very simple! There is no better fitness for your restless neurons found both educational and fun activities.

EducationThe list shown below are seven essential games, go ahead and help them discover these activities and great digital resources:

  • Pingu: A couples online game with endearing characters Pingu, a curious penguin. The site also offers plenty of great games so that they can choose their favorite characters: Snow White, Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig, Winnie the Pooh and many more.
  • The Hideaway: We’ve all played this classic game infallible but, what if practiced with objects? Whether looking for them or hiding them, children will think about what and where, enhancing their short-term memory.
  • Sleight of hand: The hand games are very popular in children’s recreation and are also a good way to stimulate memory. Practice, teaching or playing together can be a good way to spend a fantastic summer evening.
  • The shopping list: The game begins when one of the participants said, “I will buy at the market and buy …” followed by the name of a food, such as “I’ll buy watermelon to the market and buy.” The next player must repeat the initial sentence by adding the name of other food, as it could be, “I will buy at the market and buy watermelon and bread.” … many rounds? You can adapt the activity to the topic you most want!
  • Differences in the zoo: An online activity with pictures of the animal world in which two apparently identical images up to 10 hidden differences. Help children learn to find and put your mind up!
  • Where are they? A very intuitive interactive activity that develop retention capacity, act autonomously digital skills in addition to strengthening the hand of nice illustrations.
  • Sing nonstop: Music helps stimulate the mind from an early age, remembering melodies and lyrics can be a great way to encourage spontaneous memory, either in the classroom or at home.

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