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Essay Writing and Their Importance in Student’s Life

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It’s a very hectic task for students to research and write on so many given task throughout their academic session. They are bombarded with number of writing assignments at every academic level in the form of essay, term paper, research paper, book review, book report, dissertation and thesis. With so many assignments in their life, students usually get tensed and unable to manage all task, with such circumstances EssayWorks.net provide an exclusive and reliable source for UK essay writing assistance. Continue reading

How to Write a Story

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Imagination is the key ingredient to write a story, but we also know the parts that compose it and what elements can not miss. Here are some tips for writing a story.

How to Write a story

You can say that anyone who can write, can be the author of a story; however, how difficult is to carry out a story that is really good to dare not let shelved. The issue is not having a reputation for professional writer, what matters is to enjoy and be consistent. Continue reading

Teaching Kids How to Say No

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At times it can be very hard for children to say no. They might feel guilty and awkward about disappointing someone and might believe that they must always say yes for people to like them. They might be desperate to have friends, fearing losing them if they don’t comply with their wishes. But, in the long term, agreeing with everything will make children unhappy and they will lose other people’s respect. Continue reading

An Insight On GCSE Retakes

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GCSE Retakes

General Certificate of Secondary Education, also known as GCSE is a qualification meant for students between 14-16 years old and is given in a certain subject. GCSE is a significant exam in the UK which enhances your resume and puts you in a better position in front of your prospective employers. In case any student is worried about his/her GCSE results, he/she can always opt for GCSE retakes. Continue reading

Major Components Of Good Essays

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f Good Essays

When you’re still improving your writing skills, sometimes, if you’re not good at it, you get very frustrated and stressed, because it seems like you’re not making any progress. However, there are some ways to stop your suffering and even make the writing process lots of fun.

Let’s Figure out some Tips to make Successful Essays and Enjoy your Work Process

• Making Research

To be interested in what you’re doing requires a good research of the topic you would like to write about. There are thousands of subjects to pay attention on, but try to pick up something you’ve been experienced or learned about. If you still have no idea what topic is appropriate for this, use Internet, databases and library.

• Analyzing

When you made your choice and ready for work, don’t start the essay right away. First, you need to determine thesis – one of the most important parts of the paper. Mention your thesis sentence in the first paragraph to let the audience know what you’re going to talk about and why. Identify several questions to answer throughout the essay (by the way, try out college paper writing service offered by MyEssayService Website). Clarify major arguments and evidence. Don’t forget that your main purpose is to prove something, based on your observations and opinions.

• Organizing the Essay

Without the outline your paper would look like a total disaster. Believe: outline is one of the hardest things to do, but it will certainly help you during writing process. Figure out how your evidence and thoughts are going to be revealed. After, make a plan: put the main idea of the each paragraph into the outline, make it as complicated as possible, adding subsections. Well-structured assignment is guaranteed to get the A.

• Starting Part

Only after those steps it’s time to begin writing. To grab the audience’s attention, there should be a bright introduction that includes thesis, as it was said above. Whatever you’re going to be said, but the intro remains as important paragraph of your paper, as the main one, because it’s the best attention getter.

• Middle Part

This is the place, where you need to focus on arguments and evidence to be able to prove your reader that your point of view is right, based on facts or maybe own experience. Don’t make it look boring: make people understand that your opinions can be still argued. This would keep them interested.

• Ending Part

When you’ve finished your main paragraph, don’t feel like conclusion doesn’t matter anymore. Besides, making it memorable as the beginning part would finish the essay logically, especially when both of them are connected by the same story or idea. Use quotations of great writers and famous people, be creative.

• Remember that citation of your evidence from different sources needs to be made, in other way you are going to pass them as your own ones, even though you weren’t intended to. Plagiarism, by the way, is punished a lot, especially in colleges and this can become a reason for expulsion. Different institutions use MLA, APA or other types of citation.

• Correcting

You ended up the conclusion, but it doesn’t mean you’re done. One of the great ways to make corrections of the paper work is writing a few drafts. Pay attention on any kind of mistakes, including spelling, grammar ones, which aren’t acceptable. May be you would need the help of someone else to be able to estimate your essay in case it sounds odd in some parts and must be redone. Only then, you can be congratulated with successful finishing of your assignment.

Now you are aware of some ways to not suffer each time you’re writing the essay, especially when you can’t understand why you get bad grades on them. With useful advices, like the ones above, you would be able to get yourself interested and surely create much better works, than before. Good luck with it!

Your Career as a Support Worker

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Your Career as a Support Worker

For many people in the world today, life is too tough or they are not equipped to go it alone. These vulnerable individuals need help and care to make it through. As a support worker your job will be to provide emotional and practical support for individuals and families in need to help them live more happy and independent lives.


Although you will need basic literacy and numeracy skills, usually GCSE passes at grade C or above in English and Mathematics, high level formal qualifications are not the primary consideration for those interested in applying for support worker jobs. It is far more important that you have a great passion for helping others and that you are prepared to commit yourself to their well being. Some work experience or experience gained from voluntary work in a care environment are also invaluable assets, as is a GNVQ or equivalent qualification in social care or a related subject. Continue reading

Educational Games for Children to Play

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Educational Games for Children to Play

Education and the process of learning is something that begins at home for children. Parents naturally want their children to do well in school, but this desire often clashes with other adult priorities (parents also want their children to be active and learn new hobbies), not to mention the children’s own to-do lists. There’s only so long a youngster is willing to do homework or read, before wanting to run off and do something a bit more fun. Continue reading